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The desire to visit new destinations and learn about their traditions, cultures, history, lifestyle and cuisine is one shared by many. However, for some people the concern of security whilst travelling alone to new places is understandable, hence many prefer to travel with an organized tour.
At JJ Africa Tours we offer comfortable and affordable Africa holidays to exclusive small groups of three to six people per tour. This guarantees our travellers receive a personalized service from our tour leader/guide, something that cannot be achieved when travelling in large tour groups. Our specifically designed Africa tours and safaris will take you through some of Africa's most fascinating and diverse regions.
Our set tours range from 3 to 20 days and are packed with a combination of wildlife safaris, historical and geological sites, adventure activities, cultural tours etc. With this variety, there is bound to be a trip to suit you.

Pay Less With Us

Guaranteed Value For Money
Compare our prices with others who advertise similar holidays.

  • Unlike many overland companies, we include in our prices the cost of all the essential highlights and excursions (game drives, sunset cruises and park entrance fees).  We will pre-book them for you, ensuring you won't miss out as your place will be reserved and prepaid.
  • We carry a maximum of six people per group (minimum of three), thus ensuring you a personalized and customized service with greater flexibility, as opposed to overland companies which carry more people (up to 25) but may charge a higher rate.
  • We do not substitute genuine excursions for cheaper or shorter options, ensuring that you experience in full the real Africa.
  • Most importantly, we spend less time travelling from one place to another, giving you plenty of time to explore and enjoy your surroundings.

Tailor Made Itineraries

Here at JJ Africa Tours, we pride ourselves on selecting exciting tours, however we also understand that you may wish to choose your own destinations and/or itinerary to give you greater flexibility to enjoy your chosen holiday. We are more than happy to accommodate this option, and our experienced team will be able to assist and advise you. Please contact us at, where we will be happy to help.


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Tourism is the largest industry in the world, with an ernomous potential for economic growth and employment. Sadly it can also cause negative impacts to nature and local cultures.

JJ Africa Tours always works focusing on sustainable alternatives to reduce the negative effects of tourism, and to promote and conserve the positive effects. As a small African owned company, we tend to have a better understanding of our cultures and ecosystems, thus we do our utmost to keep to cultural codes. We attach great importance to responsibly deal with nature and the environment. In that matter we expect the same from our customers.